The Apostles and its Ministries is the fastest growing ministry promoted by *The Apostles Inc. a Non-Profit organization. It is supported by its parent company under Shipping and Oil & Gas business

The Apostles Inc. and its Ministries is to Pastor and overseer to build and train people who are passionate about living out God’s purpose for their lives. It’s a mission exists to bring personal conversion, community formation, social justice, and cultural renewal to the world.


The Apostles Inc. is promoted by its parent company in Oil & Gas business.


The Apostles Inc. is working to support Social cause for rights and development of underdeveloped people with special focus on transgender community across globe.


Our aims aren’t just to have a wide geographic presence but also a broad base of core skills and expertise in offshore business.

  • Sustainable livelihood project for disadvantaged transgender communities across globe.

Women oriented skill development projects for COVID response and recovery.

Financial support through private and banks to transgender community people in North India


A free life skills education for Orphans and people of transgender community with legislative changes.

The winning of vendor license for import & export of LNG for $115 million government tender