God all Things are Possible

Matthew 19:26 – Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

My dear Friends

Greetings!! for the Day………

Today when there is an Economic crash down across the nations the Bible tells us that God has given us a reason to have faith and believe.

I want you all to be prepared as God has a plan for us.

Today We will go through the scriptures from the holy Gospel from New testament book of Matthew Chapter Nineteen verse 26….

In today’s time of calamity, it should be satisfaction to us who are in a low condition, that we are not exposed to the temptations of a high and prosperous conditions as prevalent in today’s world. If we live more hardly in this world than the rich, yet, if we get more easily to a better world, we have no reason to complain. 

The word of Christ show that it is hard for a rich man to be a good believer with strong faith, and to be saved. As the way to heaven is a narrow way to all, and the gate that leads into it, a strait gate; particularly so to rich people hence more duties are expected from them than from others, and more sins easily beset them. It is hard not to be charmed with a smiling world. Rich people have a great account to make up for their opportunities above others. It is utterly impossible for a man that sets his heart upon his riches, to get to heaven.

Christ our lord has used an expression, denoting a difficulty altogether unconquerable by the power of man and nothing less than the almighty grace of God will enable a rich man to get over this difficulty. 

“With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible”

Jesus’ standard of perfection was surprising, even for his disciples who overheard this conversation. When they asked about it, he said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.

Well! Well! Well!!! My Friends …. Health and wealth are pointless without an eternal relationship with God. Our own path will not lead us to Heaven but only the path that Christ made for us will lead us to Heaven.

There is no disease, no addiction, no demon, no bad habit, no fault, no vice, no weakness, no temper, no moodiness, no pride, no self-pity, no strife, no jealousy, no perversion, no greed, no laziness that Christ our Lord cannot help us to overcome as the enemy of his honor.

So, we should know that our God never calls us to any kingdom responsibility we are capable of pulling off on our own. The Lord is particular about how and where He demonstrates that power. God is most glorified by bringing an event to pass which seems impossible, demonstrating that only His power is sufficient.

Jesus wants us to experience more than mere survival and material wealth. All God asks is for us to invite Him into our messes so He can demonstrate His power. When a problem becomes worse and praying for resolution seems pointless, Jesus says “continue to ask, and God will give to you.

We are invited into prayer, which is not the same as being given the assurance of God’s “YES” to every prayer.

Our warm and close relationship with God is a gift. The ability to speak directly to the Father was once impossible, but as Jesus said: All things are possible with God, so this is made possible by God for us. 

As it is said in the First book of Thessalonians Chapter 5 verse 17 – “Pray Without Ceasing”.

Let Us pray without Ceasing….