I will trust and not be Afraid

I will trust and not be Afraid

(Isaiah 12:2)

Surely God is my salvation;
I will trust and not be afraid.
The Lord, the Lord himself, is my strength and my defense;
he has become my salvation.”

 “I will trust, and will not be afraid” (Isaiah 12:2). These words were spoken by the prophet Isaiah to the people of Judah and Jerusalem more than twenty seven hundred years ago, when the Assyrian Empire was the dominant power, and Judah lived in the shadow of its might.

The people to whom he was sent and those for whom this book was originally composed lived in a world that was unpredictable and out of their control.

Isaiah 12 is composed of two songs, each beginning with the phrase, “You will say in that day” (12:1, 4): “that day,” when the pride of everyone shall be humbled and the Lord alone will be exalted (2:11, 17); “that day,” when people will throw away their idols of silver and gold (2:20); “that day,” when God will bring judgment against the women and men of Zion (3:16-26), when those who remain are called holy (4:2-3). “That day” is a day of judgment and salvation, a day that calls God’s people forward, beckoning us to live into its reality in the present moment, no matter the circumstances.

How could God be caring for his people when he allowed foreign nations to come and trounce them? As believers we are called upon to put our ultimate trust in the Lord and not in anything or anyone created nor in our circumstances. 

You were already broke, already under debt, bills unpaid, unpromising relationship, the friends left , there was  only job you lost and now the world is talking of the the great recession.

“O Lord I thought you were in control”

Our trust in the Lord is tested as gold in the fire when all history is ganging up on us. It seems as distant and all the heavens are brass. But God is not really distant at all. He is there arranging everything for us so that he will win the game. There should not be any doubt about the outcome. At least there is no doubt when it is looked in the cold light of day. But while joy may come in the morning, weeping lasts for the night. The question is how we can maintain trust in the Lord when the world seems to be falling down around us.

Let us remember in the midst of trial, tragedy, and tribulation, by grace, you can trust in the Lord because he has turned away his anger. God is the foundation of our confidence; and trusting in him, will never let us down. If I know that my salvation is secure in His worthy hands, everything that touches my life is equally under the protection of His mighty power, for He has become the foundational bedrock upon which my confidence rests and He is the ever-flowing fountain of my living strength.

I will trust, and not be afraid, be confident of enjoying it, and look upon myself safe and secure from all wrath and condemnation, and from every enemy; and not be “afraid” of sin, 

God is a solid foundation of full confidence, and the best remedy for allaying fears, when we are fully convinced that salvation is laid up for us in God, we have nothing to fear.

In His Glory………