My Friend Jesus


Life is wonderful and it becomes more beautiful when you start believing. Whatever be the circumstances.

My friends I am not a preacher but I have seen Jesus working in my life when I followed these principle. If I can you too…

Let us look closely- Mark 11:24-Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

 So I say the context is   

                                            Ask                           Believe                    Receive

Hence the Bible talks us about asking, So I hope you remember where we left. We were talking about faith with belief.

We do pray but most of us do it as a routine activity, this is because since childhood our mind is trained to follow Jesus in this particular manner- Going to Sunday School , attending Sunday Mass, Bible Groups, praying in morning, before meals and before going to sleep.

But my friends I want you to pray like you talk to friend yes your best friend. I tell you if you take Jesus as your best friend and believe. Jesus will do everything for you what your best friend does.

Yes Now we ask and seek help from our best friend, we strongly believe that my best friend will help me in all consequences and we receive from our best friend what we asked. So if your worldly friend can stand the principles of the world which you have faith and belief for him/her why will not your heavenly friend Jesus Christ our lord.

Apply same principle Ask him in prayers what you desire, believe that you will receive what you desired and I can assure you my friends across Globe Lord Jesus is the best friend you will ever have in your life.

I tell you my friends Jesus Christ will never leave you, share your experience if you feel the power and work of Lord Jesus in your life, your testimonies will encourages your fellow brothers and sisters to believe that God can use them, too.

Seek Him , follow him, abide in Him, Ask him believe him and you will receive.

For His Glory